Splitting Image Taxidermy

How do you communicate with a niche market?


The Brief & Objective

We were tasked (selected, chosen or hand-picked) to be brand custodian for Splitting Image Taxidermy and work with them on building a brand the industry look up to. Our brief is to consistently set the benchmark for marketing collateral in this particular industry and then supersede it in the deliverables.

The Execution

Through a strong working relationship established in 2004, we went from the grassroots of logo design to the latest trend website design and digital marketing, that reach both local and international markets for our client. Our mandate for each item of collateral, be it Print or Digitally executed, must mirror not only the brand essence of Splitting Image Taxidermy but the quality and reputation our client holds within their peers – Service through streamline precision.

What is the relevance of print when it comes to niche markets?

Print is not dead, and you can read about why in our blog. So when it comes to trying to reach a very specific market, industry magazines provide a sense of community to all those with a shared interest and creates a space where authorities on the subject can generate valuable content for them. 

Also, our client’s clients are determined, driven individuals who, when have set their sights on a goal, will expect the highest of quality standards. It’s all about tangibility. This is why we as an agency, have to concept, design and produce the finished marketing collateral product so well and with such purpose, that when it comes to deciding on a service provider to partner with, Splitting Image Taxidermy is the only choice.

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