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How do you migrate an established newspaper from print to digital without losing readers?


The Brief & Objective

Before the pandemic made technology a necessity to all businesses, Media24 identified an opportunity in the Eastern Cape to migrate Die Burger Oos Kaap into the digital space while simultaneously streamlining the operations of the print publication.

The Execution

Our change campaign and digital migration strategy was the first of its kind in South Africa, and the success of the Eastern Cape plan impacted the way the rest of the company approaches day-to-day business.

Die Burger Oos Kaap format used to be a 6-day (Monday to Saturday) print offering. After a successful campaign, it is now available and enjoyed in various formats utilising print, online and digital.


Experience the transformation

Understand the process from the inside out as Media 24 General Manager for the Eastern Cape Tasmia Ismail shares with us the journey of Die Burger’s migration to digital, outlining the risks of remaining static and the results of what this dynamic frequency change campaign was for the company.

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