The year is 2001. Apple has just launched iTunes. Wikipedia has just gone online. And Simon has just set up a graphic design shop and put his name on the top of a letterhead. Simon says GO.

Cut to present day.

SimonSAYS Visual Communication is now a strategic and creative digital marketing agency that caters to the small guy and the big company – from a simple logo to the full brand strategy and execution.

Cut to the future.

Simon says GO. And don’t stop.

SimonSAYS Visual Communication

Since the establishment of SimonSAYS in 2001, we have continuously grown our talents and toolbox, scaling the mountains of traditional media and marketing with graphic design, creative digital marketing strategies and more.

We are early adopters. So we pride ourselves in being able to anticipate trends and changes in the market and being able to act on them with agility.

So we’ve moved further into the digital space – the future of media and marketing. But there are certain traditions that we cannot leave behind.

We are not black and white, picking a side between traditional and digital. We built our home in the space between the two. But we do love the black and white of words on a page, whether that page is in your hands or on your screen. We’re bringing back the importance of the written word and we are headed back to the future.

The ‘Oooh!’ moment you see in the face of our logo is something which we strive for every day. Our enduring mission is to leave an iconic legacy in the minds of our clients upon the success of their branding adventure with us, be that through a simple logo design or a full brand strategy and digital marketing campaign.

And our credible (and incredible) track record of creativity is evident in the caliber of our growing client base. With a team that embodies strong digital marketing, graphic design and website design, we have the confidence and the extraordinary ability to keep our diverse brands in a league above the best.

We’ve mastered all trades of traditional media and merged it with the world of digital marketing.
We want to share our expertise with you. Because we see the bigger picture, and we see you.
We are different. And you can be, too.