SimonSAYS Hello

We are SS Visual Communication – the bridge between traditional and digital media in the world of advertising, branding and marketing.

Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, while working with brands with a global footprint, what we strive for every day is the ‘Oooh!’ moment you see in the face of our logo. Who we are and who we always will be comes from our inherent drive to be different – with lateral thinking, in our literary quality, and for our overall, literal quality

Since 2001, we have worked hard to create a space where art and technology can meet to produce outstanding content, campaigns and marketing. We see the bigger picture, so we see how we can help you make your mark within it.

We turn businesses into brands and help brands grow


Our Process

Our quiet confidence in ourselves and what we can offer comes from our artful methodology.

  1. About Define

    Define & Redefine the Brief.

    Once we define the brief based on your objective and goals and your unique details, we redefine your brief within our strategic creative system to align it with our scientific approach to digital marketing.

  2. About Research

    Research & Investigation.

    We use all of our expertise, knowledge, statistics and feeling to find the solution for you. We refuse to be left in the dark and utilise every type of research necessary to map the way towards the hearts of your consumers.

  3. About Channels

    Channels of Communication.

    Our extensive and intensive research leads us to your target market. Armed with this special information, we establish the ideal channels of communication to reach them, using our imagination and skill to find the most memorable and unique route to your current and future clients.

  4. About Execution


    After researching and conceptualising, we roll out – putting all of our weight into delivering the solution to your objectives. With our talented, collaborative team, we ensure that the right creatives for your brand are on the job and giving it their all.

  5. About Tangible

    Tangible Results.

    We track and record everything we do. To illustrate the results, we go back to your original objectives. Did we meet or exceed it? How and why? We show you the increases and decreases, the qualitative and quantitative. And if that bores you, we’ll just show you the bottom-line: a successful branding move.

  6. About Objective

    Your Objective

    The first question we ask you when you come to us is: What is your objective? Are you looking to increase your brand awareness? Or do you want to increase your sales? Do you want both? Or something else entirely?