Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

How do you encompass and commemorate a historic company’s corporate brand identity?


The Brief & Objective

The Execution

To ensure employee morale, pride in the company, and a company culture based on effective communication, we joined forces with Coca-Cola Sabco to design and create 3 editions of their coffee table book in 5-year cycles. Photography, editorial and print finishing were combined into beautiful limited edition keep-sakes for stakeholders to reminisce upon when looking back on where the company has come from.

Why should you put this much effort into the look and feel of internal communications?

No business can succeed without the loyalty and support of its staff. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa understands this and makes an effort when communicating to its employees.

In creating interactive processes, training and infographics, we created a form of communication that is engaging and able to reach everyone, regardless of whether they are based on the ground and in the plant or at a desk – you can unify and connect with the whole staff complement.


Internal Communications Video

As part of the internal messaging that Coca-Cola Sabco wanted to deliver to their employees, we created this video for them to share throughout their company – cut and edited here for public viewing. This video portrays the values of CCBA while delivering it in a fun, playful way.

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