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Wouldn't it be incredible to meet real life superheroes? Come on, who wouldn't want to bump into their favourite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, or Spider-Man or better yet, a Captain Planet?

Well here’s your chance to encounter superheroes that possess a power as rare as the lives they save... meet the Wilderness Foundation. These troopers have combined their super powers to help protect our African wilderness from the baddies. Villains like the Shredders or Green Goblins that threaten their endangerment or worse, extinction. The Wilderness Foundation fights through conservation to keep our wildlife roaming freely for generations to come.

Our team had an opportunity to save the day; we needed to freshen up their brand. We assembled in our SS capes and started with their logos, to electronic and print collateral which included their Corporate Folder, Ambassador Cards and Prospectus.

Wilderness Foundation Global logo
Wilderness Foundation Global logo
Wilderness Foundation Africa
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