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When you think of the wild, what comes first to mind? Free-roaming wildlife, herbivores hunted and carnivores claiming their prey.

In the creative industry it’s no different. Our strategic minds are what set us free and the crazy cool designs we conceptualize are our means to claiming territory in the industry. If you take a second to think about it, this essentially makes us design prodigies.

When we heard the call of the wild in early 2012, we came running with our creativity ready to explore territory that attracts travellers from across the globe. To date, our team has been the proud creative hub for our client of an international calibre, Shamwari Group.

From designing their corporate identity guide, we have set a sophisticated bush style in motion. Ranging from their adverts, brochures to all the five properties lodge collateral.

Simon Says Shamwari Ads
Simon Says Shamwari
Simon Says Shamwari
Simon Says Shamwari elephants
Simon Says safari brochure
Simon Says Shamwari
Simon Says Shamwari group