Branding / Print / Web / Signage

Once upon a time, Port Elizabethans used to beg for a place where Food was a Factor - but no longer.

A Food and Beverage Factory of “classic meats contemporary” was conceptualised by astute Restauranteurs Daniel and Eugene.

The Buzz Factory undertakes not only to be the hottest place in the windy city but to change the landscape of culinary and gastronomic delight.
Buzzing Factory Steaks, sizzling stir-fries and captivating classic cocktails (to name a few) are enhanced by exceptional service and “roll up your sleeves” management.

From the industrial feel décor and the “Buzzing (working and playing of course) Factory” ambience and vibe, this bar / restaurant / chill place all encompassed into one is the place to be and be seen.

We loved the opportunity to roll up our own sleeves and put a face on this epic undertaking! We designed Buzz Factory's logo, it's menus, website and the unique look and feel that permeates the entire space.