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Tool Kit

You name it, we’ve got it. We like to see ourselves as the MacGyvers of the advertising agency world- in that if there is no tool in our kit to get the job done-we will make one!

Brand Strategy, Audit & Market Positioning
• Graphic Design. Print and Advertising
• Signage, External & Internal, Exhibition & Event
Website Design, Content Managed Systems
• Social Network Management
• E-Marketing
• Photography
• Video
• PR & Event

Full brand strategy application

At SimonSAYS we believe that our clients’ brands continuously need to evolve to keep up with their ever changing target markets. We have the diverse ability to proactively research and strategize key changes for their brands whether they are minor changes to existing brands or creating a new clients full brand application.

We are by your side from the research phase right through to the unveiling of the new brand. As a team we offer a 360˚ Brand approach which ensures consistency throughout the design and advertising elements.

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Corporate Identity

Your brand’s individuality is reflected through your corporate identity. Create a well-designed look/feel combined with the correct visual elements and you will have created your company’s own persona.

In a world where pretty pictures are scattered across all living spaces and consumers are bombarded with messages – you have to be different.

Trust us to design your overall corporate identity – your brand will take on a new life and gain the attention it deserves.

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Advertising Campaigns

We at SimonSAYS have the extraordinary ability to help our clients by creating campaigns that capitalise on specific target markets and ensure that the client is perceived in a positive light.

We spend valuable time researching our client and their brand to produce well-thought out campaigns that focus on a core message. Through our campaigns we shape the target markets image to create clear and memorable branding. If you want to introduce a new brand or simply reinvent your existing one, we have the diverse abilities to shape it into a unique identity through what we do best.

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The publications we design are valuable communication pieces that our clients use with both their internal and external stakeholders. Each publication essentially makes company information available to the public, in the form of their staff members or club members. They communicate the evaluations of the brands performances, to commemorate forgotten history and to mark milestones for the companies.

We help them conceptualise the reason for the publication and design the most practical reports or the most beautifully crafted coffee table books.

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When we design for print, we do it in style. Our minds envision the end product before the idea is even fresh off the client’s mind. We communicate your brand through exceptionally designed and quality hard copies that deliver your core message.

We specialise in creating fresh and awe-inspiring print designs that range from business cards to brochures, posters to leaflets. If you want it, we can create it.

Print: Corporate Identity, Annual Reports, Magazines, Campaigns, Brochures/Leaflets.

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Web Design

Websites are now a core communication strategy and ensuring that your company has a well-designed website is key to firstly attracting your target markets attention and secondly to hold them there long enough to convey your brands core message. We specialise in designing both practical and highly involved websites that cater to your brands vision and mission.

We will ensure that your website is user friendly with the latest in website software design. Your website will showcase the best of your brand and ensure its linked to your social media platforms.

Services include:
Website & Intranet Development, Content Managed Systems, E-Commerce, Online Magazines, E-Marketing, Multi Media.

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