The Power of Print Advertising in a Digital World

Is Print Advertising Relevant in 2019?

With the world learning more on digital advertising over the past years, the relevance of print advertising has come under scrutiny from advertising agencies and their clients as they look to penetrate the new world that promises to be full of opportunities. Many heated boardroom meetings have come and come as agency folk try to substantiate the need for print advertising. However, clients don't seem to be convinced that print advertising is still relevant in a digital world already taking about 4iR.

As a leading advertising agency in Port Elizabeth at SimonSAYS we've seen clients from all walks of life agree and disagree on this matter, we've weighed in our opinion where needed, and we are ready to engage the advertising and marketing community about this. We've put together a list of reasons why print advertising will continue to be relevant for many more years.

Print advertising will continue to be valuable where there is physical customer interaction. 

Much like paid advertising is targeted at a specific target audience, print advertising will continue to play a valuable and critical role in spaces where there is physical interaction with clients. This means businesses will have to look at their business model and if it has customer interaction, then print advertising will be relevant in that business. If you look at retail stores and the medical industry as much as they have embraced the digital era, print advertising still plays a pivotal role in the marketing and advertising of goods and services.

Luxury consumers still value tangible advertising platforms.

As a hunting company looking at attracting tourists through travel agencies, it is critical to have quality brochures marketing your services and brand. 'That's where print advertising continues to penetrate the market and holds relevance. After all glossy magazines and significant publications hold a certain cachet that online advertising doesn't achieve, strategic use of digital advertising will be needed without a doubt, but for this exercise print media advertising still thrives.

Print advertising drives direct marketing sales 

Homes across the country continue to receive the free local newspaper, and in many of those homes someone has time to read it week in week out, and that is the person that is the target market. When it comes to direct marketing activities, door drops and direct mail have an excellent reach and Return on Investment (ROI) because they deliver targeted sales messages straight to people's homes, and this is why print advertising continues to be relevant and a force to be reckoned.

What are your thoughts when it comes to print advertising, we'd love to hear your opinion