The 4 Benefits of Print Advertising

Living in the age of digital marketing and advertising has made many companies doubt the usefulness of print advertising. This is understandable to some extent. However, those of us that know the real benefits of print advertising still use it and leverage those advantages for our clients.

The best use of print advertising isn't when it's a substitute for other media. At SimonSAYS, we have, on many occasions, advised our clients that to see the best results of print advertising is when 'it's combined with other advertising media, it shows its real strength. It is here where it really shows off.


Print advertising is a good way to increase your brand’s credibility as print publications that consistently offer readers high-quality, reliable content develop credibility. As an advertiser you can easily leverage this credibility. Known as the “halo effect,” brands who place adverts in reputable print publications receive the same level of trust from readers that are associated with the publication itself. This means your ads can be easily perceived as completely trustworthy, which makes generating leads and sales much easier also increasing your brand’s position.


All forms of advertising need repeat placement to be effective. With TV and online campaigns this has shown diminished awareness as users simply change the channel or skip the advert, this hasn’t been the case with print advertising as it continues to show improvement in increasing brand awareness. Print advertising increases brand awareness and customer loyalty which ultimately influences buying behaviour.


With television and radio advertising so expensive many local businesses are left out and that’s where print advertising comes in. Even a local bookkeeper can be able to afford to place a small advert in the local newspaper and that is one of the best traits about print advertising.
As digital marketing continues to increase its footprint, it goes without a saying that print advertising will still play a major role for both big and small businesses.


For decades now people all over the globe have used print advertising for information, from the lady who picks up the instore promotions catalogue every Friday to check the specials at the local supermarket to the job seeker buying classifieds every Sunday for the latest job openings. Print advertising has incited people to take action and continues to do so, whether for valuable information or simple reading pleasure. There is something about print media that continues to connect with every type of person from the chairman of the board to the child looking for pictures of a school project. 

These are all people looking for information and are potential customers for advertisers across the board. As things change some remain constant and one of them is print advertising.