Digital Marketing Done Differently

We know you are different too...

...and we make it our personal mission to make sure your consumers know it. Whether we shout it out above a room full of other voices or whisper it in unexpected crevices, we’ll not only make your voice heard, but we’ll make it reach the right ears.

In 2001, Apple launched iTunes and Wikipedia went online, but most importantly, SimonSAYS was established. We are old enough to offer robust, valuable and credible advice, but young enough to execute it with the enthusiasm, creativity and passion of a toddler. And just like a toddler, we get the outcome we want.

With our team of creative ninjas and strategic minds, we are proud to deliver our unique level of service – on time, every time.


What exactly is our unique level of service?

Good is not enough. Great is not any better. We operate and thrive in the realm of the last inch.

The rule of the last inch is a concept that Russian novelist and philosopher Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about in his book The First Circle.

“Now listen to the rule of the last inch. The realm of the last inch. The job is almost finished, the goal almost attained, everything possible seems to have been achieved, every difficulty overcome — and yet the quality is just not there. The work needs more finish, perhaps further research. In that moment of weariness and self-satisfaction, the temptation is greatest to give up, not to strive for the peak of quality. That’s the realm of the last inch — here, the work is very, very complex, but it’s also particularly valuable because it’s done with the most perfect means. The rule of the last inch is simply this — not to leave it undone. And not to put it off — because otherwise your mind loses touch with that realm. And not to mind how much time you spend on it, because the aim is not to finish the job quickly, but to reach perfection.”

That’s our territory. The difference between 90% and 100%. This is our space.


Come to us for all things digital marketing...

from graphic design and web design to social media marketing and print. Have a look at our Bragbook and Toolkit to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Because we see the bigger picture, and we see you.